About Us

Our farms are located along the Southern Coast of Oregon, at its most westerly point. Due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, we have a mild climate year round that gives us an early spring and a late fall. This allows us to keep our cranberries on the vine much longer than other growing regions. Our berries are busily growing in May when other regions are just beginning to bloom. Most other areas finish their harvests in mid-October while our main harvest is in November and often goes into December. As a result, our berries are darker in color, sweeter, with less tart acid than those you may be used to buying. Our cranberries are truly ripe when picked!

We began building the Cape Blanco Cranberries farm in 1990. The first beds were planted in 1993 and the original farm was completed in 1999 with 45 acres of cranberries. In 2004 we purchased another local farm with 33 acres of bogs. Then in 2019 our son Nick, who manages our farms, purchased the adjacent farm which includes 20 acres of bogs.  This brings our family owned and operated cranberry acreage to a total of 98 acres. 

Cape Blanco Cranberries is totally independent and not affiliated with any other cranberry company. We grow our cranberries, harvest and sell them ourselves. Our goal is to give you the very best cranberries, unlike any you have tasted before.

Thank you for your interest in Cape Blanco Cranberries,

Mary and Ron Puhl

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