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File Name : DSC_0016.TIF  File Size : 17.0MB (17779608 Bytes)  Date Taken : 2002/05/25 18:45:30  Image Size : 3008 x 1960 pixels  Resolution : 300 x 300 dpi  Bit Depth : 8 bits/channel  Protection Attribute : Off  Hide Attribute : Off  Camera ID : N/A  Camera : NIKON D1X  Quality Mode : HI (RGB Uncompressed)  Metering Mode : Matrix  Exposure Mode : Manual  Speed Light : No  Focal Length : 60 mm  Shutter Speed : 1/160 second  Aperture : F16.0  Exposure Compensation : 0 EV  White Balance : Direct Sunlight  Lens : 60 mm F 2.8  Flash Sync Mode : N/A  Exposure Difference : -10.0 EV  Flexible Program : No  Sensitivity : ISO125  Sharpening : Normal  Image Type : Color  Color Mode : Mode II(Adobe RGB)  Hue Adjustment : 3  Saturation Control : N/A  Tone Compensation : Normal  Latitude(GPS) : N/A  Longitude(GPS) : N/A  Altitude(GPS) : N/A At Cape Blanco Cranberries we specialize in unique fully vine ripened cranberries, harvested at their peak.  We begin picking our early ripening varieties in October but we also allow the others to continue to ripen into November and sometimes December, long after other cranberries have been picked. This extra time increases their sugar (brix level) and deepens the color (TAcy) to a dark burgundy. Vine ripened cranberries also have lower amounts of the acid that makes cranberries tart. The other major growing regions are unable to keep their cranberries on the vine due to their more severe climates. In Wisconsin (producer of over half the cranberries in the US) and Massachusetts, harvest is normally completed by mid-October when we are just beginning. In addition, our cranberry vines bloom in May whereas the other major growing regions bloom in June and even July. Our truly vine ripened cranberries and the special care we take in growing and harvesting sets a new standard of excellence, producing a very delicious cranberry.

Bulk Frozen Field Run Cranberries




Bulk Frozen Field Run Cranberries
– Our bulk frozen cranberries are fully ripened and appear to have been color-sorted in comparison to cranberries from other region. The berries are cleaned and packed into plastic lined 1,100 pound average weight cardboard totes.   Heat Treated pallets are used to enable our customers to export to other countries. 
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: When using cranberries, a "freeze-thaw" process will increase the "juice yield by up to 50% and anthocyanin extraction 15-fold" due to a disruption in the cellular structure.  "Thawing encourages the migration of anthocyanins" from the skin to the interior parts of the cranberry "enhancing pigment extraction during pressing." (American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, 2002; editor Roy Upton, Herbalist; et al) 
Thus using frozen cranberries may give you a better product, depending on the process(es) you use.


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